2 In 1 Electric Lint Remover with Digital Display

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Revitalize your wardrobe and keep your clothes looking immaculate with our revolutionary 2 In 1 Electric Lint Remover with Digital Display. This isn't just another fabric shaver; it's a state-of-the-art garment care solution that ensures your family's wardrobe remains in pristine condition, just like the day you bought them.

Featuring a crystal-clear digital display, this fabric shaver takes the guesswork out of maintenance by showing you the exact remaining battery life. You'll never be caught off guard thanks to its impressive 100 minutes of long-lasting battery performance. Plus, with the convenience of charging while in use, uninterrupted garment care is finally within reach.

Designed with your garments in mind, our lint remover comes equipped with a protective mesh cover adorned with 3 different size holes, adept at removing everything from the tiniest lint to the most stubborn pilling. This meticulous design ensures a gentle yet effective revival of your clothing, leaving them looking fresh and damage-free.

Whether you're giving new life to an old favorite or maintaining the crisp look of a new purchase, this 2 In 1 Electric Lint Remover with Digital Display is your go-to for easy, efficient, and safe fabric care. Say goodbye to unsightly pills and hello to sleek, smooth finishes with this comfortable and convenient fabric shaver. Elevate your clothing care routine today and make every piece in your wardrobe a testament to your impeccable style.


Material: Blue - Metal Spray Paint with Sticky Hair Cylinder White / Green - ABS Plastic 

Size: 215x80x76mm 

Rated Power: 8W 

Battery Capacity: 1000mAh Charging

Voltage: 3.7V 

Charging Time: 1H

Package List: 

1 x Blue Electric Lint Remover (Contains 3 blade) 

1 x Built in sticky hair stick

1 x Charging Cable 

1 x Small Brush

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