Gliding Discs

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Introducing our Gliding Discs - your secret weapon for a total body transformation!

Resembling sleek frisbees, these discs revolutionise your workout by providing a seamless gliding surface for your feet and hands. Unlock the full potential of your muscles as you engage in dynamic movements, stretching and strengthening every major muscle group with ease.

From sculpting the legs to toning the inner and outer thighs, and even firming and lifting the buttocks, our Gliding Discs offer a comprehensive solution for your fitness goals.

Experience the power of low-impact exercise as you glide gracefully through your routine. With hands and feet firmly grounded, it's the perfect choice for anyone recovering from injury or managing joint discomfort.

Elevate your fitness journey with our Gliding Discs and discover a new dimension of strength, flexibility, and vitality.



Inexpensive and portable for use on the road

Add challenge to your workouts

Enhance balance, flexibility, and cardio activity

Engage core muscles through increased instability



Color: Pink, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green


Material: diameter 17.5cm, thickness 1.2cm

Quantity: 2pcs/pair

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